To me, Art, is about “emotion.” We are all emotional beings. The Art that I love, is the Art that touches me. There has to be a connection. This connection is why I paint.

I entered the art world after 30 years of calligraphy classes. Consequently, my paintings contained lettering. The words of others, my own words and eventually Jazz Writing, which is gestural marks.

Now, I am painting more without the words. It is more about the emotion and communicating through color and shape. Working more intuitively, I am drawn to abstraction. I use acrylic paint on canvas but I also apply texture mediums to give the surface interest. There is an unpredictability to painting on this texture that challenges me.

My art gives me a way to communicate and learn something new. I am always experimenting and trying new techniques. And in the process, I hope to communicate an idea or emotion to the viewer. My joy in life is painting.



Chris Foster’s first life was as an International Flight Attendant, where she flew all over the world for 23 years. Her first calligraphy class in 1978 was to help deal with her hectic lifestyle and the ever-present jet-lag. Instead, calligraphy became her entrance into the world of art. 

Her life took a turn in 1992, when what turned out to be her last working flight crashed with a full load of 300 passengers and crew. (For more detailed information:  The aircraft was quickly engulfed in flames. “It occurred to me that my universe was telling me it was time to move onto something new,” Chris recalls. 

Next for her, would be a career in art! She threw herself into classes in brush lettering, bookmaking, paste paper, watercolor, color theory, stone carving and fabric painting, which culminated in a Certificate from U. C. Berkeley in Graphic Design.

Presently, Chris is painting abstractly and incorporating very little lettering or no lettering.. Calligraphy has been her entry in to the world of painting but the journey continues with more intuitive painting.